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sydney & ryan

Ryan and I grew up in a small New England town and were a part of the same circle of friends back in high school. We stayed in touch when I moved away to Texas and began our long-distance relationship in 2011. We didn’t care that we were sixteen & eighteen or that we were over a thousand miles apart. We just knew that we wanted to be together! Some years later, I graduated from college and Ryan joined the Marines. His first duty station ended up being Hawaii, so we decided to elope so we could finally be done with long-distance. Now, we are happily married and loving the island life!

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Some of our favorite things are:

- Disney! Yes, we own almost every classic Disney film on VHS or DVD and we don't even have kids yet #noshame
- grabbing iced coffee and breakfast at the farmers' market
- spending time with our pup, Louie
- going on hikes and taking the scenic route (and road trips which we look forward to having once we move off island!!)

meet Sydney

Sydney’s love for creativity has always been an important part of her life. Growing up, she was that friend who was always taking photos and videos like the group mom. Sydney cares deeply for others and how the mind works, so she majored in psychology in college. Wanting to combine creativity and helping others, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in art therapy. She loves Halloween, Target, interior design and road trips. Animal welfare is a cause that means a lot to her (and me!). She is proud of her Italian roots and loves to be a pizza critic. Sydney’s grandparents were the king and queen of their prom and her dad married the girl next door, so she was kind of destined to be a hopeless romantic & wedding photographer. Having a family and seeing the world with me + her camera are her biggest dreams. Favorite places she’s ever been? New Orleans, Cinque Terre, and Morocco.

meet Ryan

I may be biased because I'm his wifey, but Ryan is pretty freakin' amazing. He's an active duty Marine and even when his schedule gets busy, his heart lies with taking photos.  His family means everything to him and as adventurous he may be, he also loves to stay home and watch Netflix me and our fur baby, Louie. Ryan could beat just about anyone in a game of Super Mario Smash Bros or Mario Kart. Also, he's the most AMAZING cook (you better believe I struggle when he's away).  He makes the best food and is all about kitchen gadgets and cracking up over Gordon Ramsay videos.  When he's passionate about something, he speaks bout it with an intensity that inspires others.  He's pretty great.  

photo by Bruna Kitchen Photography

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