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But it was!  So we decided to go for it and elope, just the two of us.  It was a beautiful and surreal day that continues to become more special to us as we look back on our elopement. 

We fell in love with documenting intimate weddings because eloping gave us the chance to celebrate our love exactly how we wanted: just the two of us in the outdoors, where we could focus on each other and being fully present.  And we want that for you. Helping create and tell the story of other people's intimate weddings is so special to us.  Our hearts are 100% in what we do.

why we love elopements:

eloping offered an adventure that we didn't realize was possible.

Hi, I'm Sydney!

I'm the lead photographer between us two and I LOVE elopements. My grandparents were the prom king and queen, my dad married the girl next door, and I married my high school sweetheart, so I was kinda destined to be a hopeless romantic. Even though I was surrounded by tradition growing up, I dreamed of seeing the world. Eloping with Ryan was the first chapter in what we decided to be our own adventure, even if that meant straying from the conventional.  

I’m a huge advocate for the environment and animals (I’ve quite literally jumped out of a moving car to help lost dogs lol). Going on road trips, camping, and exploring new places is when I feel most alive. Visiting every national park would be a dream come true!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, I'm an enneagram 4, I will be completing my master's in art therapy next year, and my best friends are my hubby and pup, Louie.  My favorite places I've ever been? Italy (Italian & proud), Morocco, and New Orleans.

Hey, I'm Ryan.

While I'm active duty and my schedule can be influenced by that, my passion is taking photos.  Being in the military has definitely made me an outdoor and travel expert, having lived outside in all types of environments (jungle, freezing cold, desert, tropics, you name it). I love animals and the environment and am always down to do my part to protect both.

I’m a self-proclaimed whiskey (bourbon) connoisseur and a food snob, but at the same time, there’s nothing better than a gas station egg salad sandwich. I love the beach and the mountains and can't pick one over the other.  Also, I'm a video game nerd and can probably beat anyone at Mariokart.  I'm a sucker for puns and always have a dad joke or two ready.  I’m a New Englander so if you catch me saying wicked-it’s all good, old habits die hard.

Eloping was incredible.  We spent almost the entire day together and randomly decided to get froyo at the end of the night in our wedding attire just because we could.  We're here to encourage you to opt for adventure and what you truly want because, hey, it's your day.

a little 'bout us

We grew up in the same hometown in Connecticut and have ventured far since then.  We were in the same circle of friends in high school and started dating at 16 & 18 years old. In 2017, we eloped in Hawaii and called paradise our first home together where we adopted our pup, Louie. 

We've collectively traveled to 12 countries and have called Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, and California home. One of our life goals is to live in a van or epic Airstream/tiny home (still undecided) once Ryan gets out of the military so we can continue to travel and photograph elopements. We're scuba certified and love Disney movies, road trips, and yoga (still very much so beginners).

Life is an adventure and we're doing what we can to embrace every moment.


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