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Eloping was a concept that was so different to us and what we had anticipated for our wedding.  It offered an adventure that we didn't believe was possible.  We decided to go for it and elope just the two of us.  It was a beautiful and surreal day that continues to become more special to us as we look back on our elopement. 

We fell in love with documenting intimate weddings because eloping gave us the chance to celebrate our love exactly how we wanted: just the two of us, in the beauty of nature.  And we want that for you. Helping create and tell the story of other people's intimate weddings is so special to us.  Our hearts are 100% in what we do.

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My grandparents were the prom king and queen, my dad married the girl next door, and I married my high school sweetheart, so I was kinda destined to be a hopeless romantic. In addition to my passion for photography and documenting love stories, I love interior design, Halloween, national parks, Target, and pizza. I've been called Snow White many times because of my love for animals.  I am a huge dog person (and goats and alpacas lions and all the animals haha)!! Visiting every national park would be a dream come true.  I enjoy yoga and hiking and love living in paradise with my hubby and pup.


Ryan is currently an active duty Marine and even when his schedule gets busy, his heart lies with taking photos.  He loves cracking up over Gordon Ramsay videos, beating anyone and everyone at Mario Kart, and he is probably the biggest pumpkin spice fan out there (don't tell him I told you that). His family means everything to him and as adventurous he may be, he also loves to stay home and watch Netflix with me and our fur baby, Louie. He is an AMAZING cook and a total foodie.  He is funny, kind, passionate and a daredevil at the same time. I may be biased, but he is the best husband in all the land. 

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